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Plant Pathology Laboratory Fees, Instructions and Forms

The Plant Pathology Laboratory at the Alaska Plant Materials Center provides diagnostic services and disease management support to the PMC and the Division of Agriculture. Information is gathered on disease resistance and management during variety trials. We also perform outreach to growers around the state, including disease surveys, diagnostics and management recommendations.

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5310 S Bodenburg Spur
Palmer, AK 99645
Phone: 907-745-4469
Fax: 907-746-1568

Mon. - Fri.
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Plant Pathology Laboratory Fees

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Schedule of Charges

Plant Pathology Test Request Instructions

  • • Call the lab to ensure that we can perform the tests needed. This also gives us lead time to prepare for your samples and expect their arrival. Phone 907-745-8138, or 907-745-8033.
  • • Fill out the Plant Disease Submission Form as completely as possible. Place inside a plastic sleeve or zipper-top bag and place in box with sample.
  • • Examine the plant carefully; damage further down may cause symptoms higher on the plant.
  • • If possible, include a healthy example, as well as various stages of disease development from early to more severe.
  • • Keep samples cool, not frozen.
  • • Send entire plants if possible, including roots. Place roots in a plastic bag and rubber band to keep soil from damaging or obscuring other symptoms on plant.
  • • Fleshy specimens (such as potatoes or fruit) should be as firm as possible, with early to intermediate symptoms. Place in paper bags (they will rot in plastic bags). Pack box with sufficient newspaper or paper towels to absorb any leaks and to protect samples.
  • • Wrap samples in dry paper towels or newspaper. Do not add moisture, as samples can rot in transit. Place wrapped samples in plastic zipper-top bags. Pack remainder of box with newspaper to protect samples.
  • • Collect specimens as close to mailing as possible, keep cool and ship by fastest method available. Ship early in the week (Mon.-Wed.) to ensure it arrives before the weekend. Delays can result in samples rotting or being overgrown with other organisms; this may make accurate diagnosis difficult or impossible.
  • • Digital photos may also be emailed to aid in diagnosis.
  • • You may also download these instructions by clicking the link and saving the pdf.

Plant Disease Submission Form

To request a pathology test, review the above instructions, complete the Plant Disease Submission Form and mail your sample (in waterproof packaging) overnight to:

Deliver Immediately - Time Sensitive
Todd Steinlage
Plant Materials Center
5310 S. Bodenburg Spur
Palmer, AK 99645

For More Information Contact:

Todd Steinlage
Plant Pathologist/Agronomist